nevin & teddy

presidents & senior teaching staff

Peninsula Robotics was founded by high school seniors Nevin Pai and Teddy Mendonca in 2022 who observed how disparate access to opportunities was for themselves compared to those that lived only a few miles away, leading them to want to help resolve that inequity. Nevin attends Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California while Teddy attends Hillsdale High. Both Nevin and Teddy have an extensive background in robotics, being members of KIPR Botball teams since middle school and taking up computer science and engineering as their passions. Together, they have organized the project, planned the program and are excited to teach attendees.

max & arjun

vice-presidents & teaching staff

Max Armstrong and Arjun Mathu were early contributors to PROP. They help develop curriculum, plan events and, more widely, run the project. The two share an interest in robotics and engineering as well as teaching. Arjun and Max are seniors at Hillsdale High. Both Max and Arjun are thrilled to have the oppurtunity to teach in PROP's Summer 2023 program.



treasurer & junior teaching staff

Dylan Po is a sophomore from Los Altos High School, with a passion for computer science and is interested in teaching others too. As a treasurer, he hopes manage the PROP funds well, and add support in all other aspects of the project.



The Peninsula Robotics Outreach Project's mission is best summed up in an email. The following was written to KIPR Director Steve Goodgame in 2022 by Nevin as a high school sophomore.