the Peninsula Robotics Outreach Project

The Peninsula Robotics Outreach Project (PROP) is a Bay Area non-profit aiming to provide STEM resources and opportunities to underserved communities. The project holds an annual summer program in which students get hands on experience with standardized course modules. The main goal of the program is to increase the workplace readiness of students in underserved communities and to make the next generation better equipped to tackle contemporary issues.  PROP works in association with a larger non-profit, KIPR, to provide guidance, financial help and ethos.

"I highly recommend the PROP program! It opened up a whole new world for my nine year old son, Zane, who had never worked on robotics programs before. The tasks were fun and interactive and helped Zane learn real world coding and cooperation skills. He had a blast and learned at the same time!" 

- Zane's Mom